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Realize more revenue from your existing assets

We are committed to bringing sustainable revenue opportunities to rideshare, delivery, eScooters, and anyone in the shared-mobility space.

Nickelytics Wraps Ride Share Vehicles for Brands
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Diversify your revenue streams with additional income from mobility advertising

If you’re looking for a way to make your shared mobility business more profitable, Nickelytics provides a unique opportunity that helps your business to grow by putting your existing assets to work. Our business model makes shared mobility more sustainable, which benefits companies and communities everywhere.

Why it works

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Reliable incremental revenue

Regardless of the size and scale of your business, there is an opportunity to monetize your assets beyond their primary use. Advertising is a sustainable and consistent way to bring incremental revenue to your bottom line.

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No additional investment

Often there exists little to no additional investment to capitalize on the opportunity with Nickelytics. We’ll work with you to build a sustainable revenue stream with minimal investment of time and energy.

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Innovation sells

The opportunity to associate your brand with other innovative brands is just one of the many benefits of working with Nickelytics. Innovation is a truly effective brand position.

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With Nickelytics, your ride share, delivery or shared mobility business will enjoy more sustainable asset leveraging, better business visibility, and more revenue. And getting started is easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Nickelytics scale with our fleet?

We have the ability to scale on-demand as your business grows. This allows us to focus on bringing world-class advertisers to your inventory while allowing you to focus on running your business and increasing utilization rates.

Do we have to pay to become part of your inventory?

No never. In fact, we pay you once an advertiser campaign is placed with your fleet.

Do you work with fleets other than cars?

Yes, we do. We will work with many mobility options like e-scooters, e-bikes, and mopeds. If it’s on wheels we are interested.

Is there a minimum size fleet to work with you?

No. Not a minimum size, but our advertisers typically are looking for deployments that can scale. So usually, the bigger the fleets, the more interest from our advertiser network.


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